Stuff a taco

When you cook with a lot of different vegetables or are a CSA member, you come to see the common tortilla as more than an ingredient. Instead, I think of tortillas as containers, as vehicles, as something in which you can put most anything and somehow make it delicious. At Casa Local Dish, we go beyond the normal taco fillings of chicken, pork, beef and beans. In fact, we’ve been know to stuff a tortilla with:

After all these experiments, I’ve learned a few important things, such as spicy green salsas pair especially well with sweet vegetables like squash. Therefore, I was pretty confident that this latest recipe was going to be a big hit:

Bean and Butternut Tacos with Green Salsa

That’s right, it’s my favorite
squash2.jpg - medium

Butternut is also used in the Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas linked above, but that recipe is a bit of a big to-do. I was looking for something similar but simpler and just as tasty, and these tacos knocked the ball out of the park.

squash.jpg - medium

This lovely squash is from our farm, Greenhorn Acres, as were several other ingredients, including the tomatillos, jalepeno and onion, which are quickly toasted and then thrown in a blender to create the homemade salsa.

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It’s nice to make such great use of the week’s produce from our CSA, certainly, but please make note: If you have the time to make the salsa, fine. Or, make a big batch and freeze some to skip the step next time around. But to make this meal take half the time and effort and be an effortless weeknight meal, feel free to use pre-made green salsa from the grocery and sprinkle on some avocado instead of blending it into the salsa. There are some great green salsas out there and I don’t think this homemade version was any better or worse, so skip the time and the dishes if you feel like it.

tacos1.jpg - medium

Because once the salsa is out of the way, you roast the squash with chiles and spices, heat up a can of pinto beans with other spices and assemble, topping with sliced cabbage and feta cheese. The beans are a good source of protein, and the squash is a good source of B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium.

And did I mention? They just taste good.

tacos2.jpg - medium

So, there you go. The versatile taco can take just about any combination of ingredients, especially when you experiment to see which veggies and spices balance each other. If you have tortillas and some imagination, you likely have dinner at your finger tips.

Anyone out there have any interesting taco, burrito or enchilada recipes to share?