Welcome back, old friend

Published on June 02, 2011 at 07:07 AM by Kate Jonuska

This is our third year as CSA (community-supported agriculture) members, this time through Javernick Farms near Canon City. It’s a third-generation family farm, and let me tell you: If their first delivery is anything to go by, this summer is going to be absolutely fantastic. Check out the haul I picked up yesterday.

veg-1000.jpg - medium

Spinach, springs greens, garlic scapes, green onions, mint, oregano, radishes, red carrots. Score! And it’s only June 2!

Have you ever had fresh carrots? Red carrots? Fresh radishes, red and white? Both are so tender, so flavorful, so amazing. We threw together a lovely little salad the moment I got home with our goodies, and it was fantastic.

salad-1000.jpg - medium

I know we’ve been absent for a while here on Local Dish. Such is the plight of locavores in the winter in Colorado. But the sun and the fresh food have returned, and so have we. We look forward to sharing all of our new adventures in local food this summer here, with you, almost as much as we look forward to that spinach.

Hmm, sauteed spinach, you think?